Understand that your past does not define who you are, that your fears and insecurities can be replaced with the truth of God's Word, and that when you truly encounter God, you will discover who you are.

What you say and believe about yourself determines your destiny. But many people struggle with understanding who they are. They allow past mistakes to define them and shape their future. 

In I Am Matt Fry opens your eyes to the true identity you have in Christ. He uncovers seven key truths from the “I Am” statements of Jesus that will help you see who He is. You will be empowered to find Jesus and begin a new life with the power to become everything He has created you to be.


What others are saying about I Am

It takes only one word from God to have your life changed forever. That is why I am so excited about Matt Fry’s book, I Am: Encounter the One Who Gives You Purpose and Peace in a Crazy World. I can tell you firsthand that when our identity is found in Christ, it’s a game changer. I believe this book reveals the necessary truths you need to help you encounter God, discover all the promises He has for your life, and see them fulfilled!

—Christine Caine, Founder of A21 and Propel Women

Matt Fry knows how to help people find God’s plan for their life, and he writes it plainly in this book. He planted C3 Church and has won many of the members to Jesus Christ and helped them find God’s plan for their life. Read carefully to receive the help you need.

— Dr. Elmer Towns, Cofounder of Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia

If you have ever struggled with self-esteem issues or have wondered if your life matters, read this book. Matt Fry reveals in I Am that you are unique and special, not because of what people say but because God said so. This book is life changing!

—Babbie Mason, Songwriter and Recording Artist

Matt and his wife, Martha, have been faithful, compassionate, genuine lovers of Jesus and builders of the local church for many years. Personable and relatable, Matt has devoted his life to providing people answers and hope in Jesus through his practical, hands-on teaching style. Be blessed by his vulnerable and personal revelations that the words of Jesus are life, help, and hope to all who hear them.

—Brian and Bobbie Houston, Global Senior Pastors of Hillsong Church
    Sydney, Australia

Matt Fry speaks to an issue that has long been ignored in the church. As followers of Christ, we have often championed how to live a life of faith. We’re even pretty good at explaining why we should live a life of faith. Where we come up short is answering the question, “Who is a person of faith?” I Am: Encounter the One Who Gives You Purpose and Peace in a Crazy World offers us a roadmap, a guidebook to shed light on the eternal identity of a Christ follower. Matt reminds us that a personal relationship with Christ results in a total transformation of who we are! With intimate glimpses into his own personal struggles, Matt welcomes us to take off the mask, lay down any spiritual façade, and grasp the reality that God loves us and changes us at our core. I’m proud of my younger brother, not just because of the great things he has accomplished, but because of the great man he is! I recommend that you read this book with an open heart.

—Dr. Craig Fry, President of Christian Leadership Concepts Brentwood,         Tennessee

How easy it is to forget all that God truly is. He is I Am. This book by Pastor Matt Fry will help anyone who reads it set his spiritual compass where it needs to be.

—David L. Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope


Matt Fry

Matt Fry is the lead pastor at C3 Church in Clayton, North Carolina. God called Matt and his wife Martha, to start a church that would connect with where people are living today. Their passion is to provide real hope for real people in a real world. Fry is also on the Association of Related Churches Lead Team and has created a “Get Real” network with one hundred other pastors.


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